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Financial and practical matters

A diagnosis of leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related blood disorder is a very traumatic event for a patient as well as family and friends. The Leukaemia Foundation exists to give practical care and assistance as you face the daunting journey of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. How we can assist you with practical matters is dependent on your needs. The aim of our services is to ease practical burdens so you can concentrate on treatment and recovery.

Accommodation assistance

Accommodation is one of the major areas of practical support that we offer. Relocation from your home for treatment, or relocation due to a change in circumstance resulting from your diagnosis can be stressful: we are here to assist you in making the emotional and practical components of this transition easier.

Find out more about our accommodation services

Transport assistance

In addition to the transport offered to the residents at some of our villages, we can also discuss with you options for community based transport that can help you get to your treatment appointments.

To find out about our transport assistance, contact us on 1800 620 420.

Work concerns

Our experienced Support Services Coordinators can assist you with your concerns relating to work, including helping you feel ready to return to work after an absence due to a blood cancer/disorder.

To speak to a Support Services Coordinator, contact us on 1800 620 420.

Travel insurance

Every travel insurance policy is different, and some may not cover such pre-existing conditions as a blood cancer. Ensure you read the Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing, or contact the issuing company for advice. You  may need to fill out additional questionnaires or send a medical certificate to the insurer as well.

For general advice about travel insurance and blood cancer, contact us on 1800 620 420. 


Getting My Life in Order (PDF 1 MB) is a booklet containing financial and practical considerations for patients with all types of blood cancers, including leukaemialymphoma and myeloma.

More information

Our range of booklets and fact sheets provides general information on leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, MDS, MPN, amyloidosis, aplastic anaemia, and related blood disorders.


Last updated on June 19th, 2019

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