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Online education and support

We offer several ways for you to connect with others, learn more about blood cancer, and hear from healthcare professionals.

Our online support groups, education webinars, and private Facebook groups are moderated by Leukaemia Foundation staff and are open to anyone living with blood cancer, their family and friends.

Online support and education

Connect with others in our online support groups

Online support groups are one of many options of support available through the Leukaemia Foundation.   While support groups may not be for everyone, they are a great way to learn and connect with others in similar situations.

These groups are available to anyone across Australia diagnosed with a blood cancer/blood disorder along with their support people.  It doesn’t matter where you live, your age or what stage of treatment you are at, our online support groups are here to inform and support you.

They are easy to access via Zoom – all you need is a device such as a smart phone or a computer/laptop.  We also have some evening options.

The groups are facilitated by our experienced blood cancer support coordinators.  They are small, confidential groups, and interactive in nature with discussion focusing on the lived experience of participants: essentially, sharing what it’s really like to live with blood cancer with others who can relate.  Some participants have said ‘it helps them feel less alone’.

Each month we focus on a different health and wellbeing topic which forms the basis of the discussion.  From these groups, you may also take away some new information and strategies to help you best manage life with blood cancer.

To register and view upcoming support groups, please visit our Events calendar. You can also read a more detailed description about each group below:

Blood Cancer Support Group
While we understand support groups aren’t for everyone, these groups are one of the many options of support available through the Leukaemia Foundation. These groups are interactive in nature and rely on the deep knowledge and lived experience of each participant as the core ingredient. Each group has a health and wellbeing focus topic on which the conversation and connections are based on. You may find you walk away/‘log off’ with some new knowledge or strategies of how to continue managing life with a blood cancer.

‘It was my first meeting like this and liked that we all helped each other with support and knowledge.’

‘This was my first time at one of these groups, I was made to feel comfortable with the group even though I didn’t know anyone else’.

‘It gave suggestions on how to handle situations that may have been difficult in the past.’

‘I felt great after the session and am definitely making changes that were discussed.’

Carer Online Support Group
Being a carer is described as one of the most challenging (and rewarding) roles you will ever experience. However, there is often very little attention given to the needs of carers. This group provides a safe space for carers to share their experience, talk to other carers without judgement and learn ways to cope with the demands that being a carer brings.

‘It’s good to know there is a place for carers to get help’.

Young Adult Online Support Group (20-40)
Being a young adult when diagnosed with blood cancer can throw a young person’s world into turmoil. This is a time when independence is established and life responsibilities are growing. We understand that young adults often feel alone in this experience and seek connection with others in their age and stage of life ‘who just get it’. This group offers a space for young adults to chat about the issues and challenges that are relevant to them and along the way, help them in feeling more understood, less alone and better equipped to deal with life with blood cancer.

Men’s Online Support Group
Sometimes it can be hard to ask for and accept help – we understand this can be a challenge particularly for men. This group is specifically for men to access support in a non-judgmental and safe space with other men who can relate to the blood cancer experience – either as a man diagnosed with blood cancer or a support person of someone diagnosed. These groups are run by male facilitators and the discussion topics are geared towards the health and wellbeing of men.

‘I have an amazing wife, sisters, female work colleagues and female friends. However, it was excellent having an all male group of blood cancer patients’.

Bereavement Online Support Group
The death of a loved one is a profoundly challenging experience. It is an experience most will go through in a lifetime, however, it is rarely spoken about. For some, it can be a very solitary experience. Some people do find comfort in talking with others who can personally relate. This group is for people who have experienced the death of a loved one from blood cancer in the last 2 years. It provides a place of comfort and safety to talk about the bereavement experience with other people who understand. The facilitators will provide grief information along the way while drawing on the experiences of the group to guide the interactive discussion.

‘For me, it was good to share in the communal experience of grief … honestly and without judgement or platitude. Thanks for including me’.

Educational webinars

Hear from healthcare professionals and other patients in our webinars

The Leukaemia Foundation’s education webinars are just one of the many ways to gain information and learn more about blood cancer. These webinars are aimed at people living with blood cancer & family / carers.  Health professionals are also welcome to attend.

The webinars cover various current topics related to blood cancer, with a particular focus on health & wellbeing. Some previous topics include sexuality, palliative care, mental health & Covid-19. The information is delivered by experts in the field and cover current information and research, practical strategies as well as personal experience.

Additional Information:

  • Participants require access to a PC / laptop / ipad / smartphone and internet.
  • Registration is encouraged but not essential
  • Webinars are recorded
  • Participants can pre-submit questions

To register and view upcoming webinars, please visit our Events calendar. You can also view previous webinars here.

Online communities

Join a private Facebook group

These are a friendly, supportive environment where you can share your personal experiences with your specific blood cancer with others who have the same diagnosis. Members can express concerns, ask questions and offer tips, share information and feedback on living with blood cancer. Only other members of the group can see your posts – your other friends outside the group will not see anything you have written there. Groups are also moderated by Leukaemia Foundation staff, who have professional backgrounds in support and allied health.

To join one of our private Facebook groups, click on the relevant Facebook link below; then you will need to ask to join the group via the button on the Facebook group’s page. You can also contact us directly on 1800 620 420 or via email at

Our private Facebook groups are:

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