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Webinar Videos

The Leukaemia Foundation hosts regular live webinars, on various topics from blood cancer information, innovative research to health & wellbeing for people living with blood cancer.
Below are our most recent seminars from 2020-2022.

For upcoming webinars, please go to the Leukaemia Foundation’s events calendar to find out more and to register.

Watch all these videos and more on our YouTube channel here.

All blood cancers

Financial and legal challenges of living with a blood cancer

Blood cancer and the brain

COVID-19 and blood cancer

COVID-19: Winter 2022 update

COVID-19 developments: Fact and fiction

3rd dose / booster COVID-19 vaccination advice

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Fact and fiction

Palliative care – Discovering all there is to know

Morgan Atkinson – Exercise Physiologist: Exercise for cancer related fatigue

Exploring real life with blood cancer: The mind and body experience

Sex, intimacy and blood cancer: The great taboo

National Action Plan: How it will help Australians with blood cancer

Understanding clinical trials


Living with AML: A clinical and research perspective

Current treatment & research in Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL)

World CML Day webinar with Professor Tim Hughes

Living with cancer through a pandemic: Michelle’s CML story


Allogeneic Transplant – Preparing for transplant (Part 1)

Allogeneic Transplant – Hospitalisation and beyond (Part 2)

Allogeneic Transplant – Maintaining health and wellbeing (Part 3)

Allogeneic Transplant – Late effects of transplant (Part 4)

World Marrow Donor Day 2020 webinar: Annette Barnes – Transplant Coordinator


Future Directions in Myeloma Management & Treatment

Talking myeloma with Patsy – diagnosis, treatment and hope

Myeloma – diagnosis, symptoms, side effects and current treatment

Lymphomas and Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinaemia

Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia (WM) education webinar

Julie Allen: Exercise as treatment for lymphoma

Dr Glenn Kennedy: CAR-T cell therapy and its relevance to lymphoma


Living with MDS: A clinical and research perspective

MPN Awareness Day 2020 webinar