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Focused philanthropy

Major gifts shape the future of blood cancer research, provide vital support services to people living with blood cancer and drive important advocacy activities to help achieve zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.

Ways of giving

Major gifts can be made in a variety of ways depending on your personal situation and preference. You may choose to give:

  • In a single donation or in a multi-year pledge
  • As an individual, couple, group or family
  • Through a Trust or Foundation
  • Via a Private Ancillary Fund
  • Through a gift in your will

Levels of impact: focusing your gift

All gifts are precious and deliver hope, comfort and progress for people touched by blood cancer. As one of Australia’s most reputable charities, the Leukaemia Foundation can be trusted to direct your gift to the area of greatest need. Alternatively, you can create greater focus and direct your gift to a specific project or theme. There are four themes aligned to our core activities that support the blood cancer community and our vision to change the future of blood cancer in Australia. Within each theme are a number of distinct projects that require specific funding amounts and timeframes.

Theme 1: Research

We have been supporting Australian blood cancer research for over 20 years, committing $57.8 million to research since 2000. This has led to new and better diagnostics, treatments, therapies and access to international clinical trials.

Theme 2: Career Development

Top scientists can be diverted from blood cancer research through lack of opportunity and funding in Australia. We need to fund the careers of researchers who will change the research eco-system and create the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

Theme 3: Support Services

The Leukaemia Foundation is renowned for the quality of its patient support services such as accommodation, transport assistance and financial support. Our amazing team of blood cancer support specialists provide clinical support such as disease information, emotional support and help navigate everyone’s blood cancer journey.

Theme 4: Survivorship and Quality of Life

Blood cancer can have significant lifelong impacts so the Leukaemia Foundation provides resources and services to help people living with blood cancer thrive beyond their initial treatments. With over 135,000 people living with blood cancer in Australia, everyone has the right to thrive and to live the best quality of life possible.

How to make a gift

For a confidential discussion about your philanthropic goals and giving intentions, please reach out to Jacqueline Williams, Head of Philanthropy at [email protected] or call on +61 03 9949 5822.

If you’re ready to make your donation by electronic funds transfer, our bank details are as follows.

Bank: National Australia Bank
Account name: The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia
BSB: 082 057
Account number: 856 164 475

Stories of inspired philanthropy

Expand the headings below to read and hear wonderful stories of philanthropy, personal motivations and impact.

Frederiks Foundation

Cor Frederiks was a giving man who established a private ancillary fund to support charitable causes he felt passionate about. When he passed away in 2017, Cor’s children came together to establish an endowed PhD in memory of their late father, and mother, who at just 37 years of age lost her life to Leukaemia.

This gift will give early career researchers the resources and encouragement to explore novel approaches for tackling blood cancers today, and well into the future.

In this video, inauagural Frederiks Foundation PhD recipient Dr Julian Linsday talks about his research.

“If the advances in research we have seen in the last 30 years were around when mum was diagnosed, maybe she would be with us, or maybe she would have lived longer. I think dad would have been very proud of our decision to support this worthy cause.”

– Paul Frederiks

Val McAlpine

Val decided to support the Leukemia Foundation after she lost her husband David, who was diagnosed with Hairy cell Leukaemia in April 2008. This was classified as a rare disease type.

In Australia, clinical trials need to be conducted on a large scale to support public subsidies for new therapies, gaining access can be challenging for people living with rare cancers. A multi-year pledge to the Blood Cancer Genomics trial will give people like David access to precision medicine; a range of personalised treatments matched to their specific profile.

“David had a 9-year battle with blood cancer. I hope my support of the Blood Cancer Genomics Trial will help people liked David not only survive their cancer, but also provide a better quality of life after treatment”.

– Val McAlpine

Tony Fini Foundation
Tony Fini
Tony Fini AM

Tony Fini AM believes if you can give back to the community, you should. Tony came to Australia after World War II with very little. He’s grateful for the opportunities Australia has allowed him and that he is in a position to give back to the community.

For the past 60 years Tony fundraised for many causes. Tony founded the Tony Fini Foundation in 2008 so he could personally donate to many charitable organisations, and contribute most effectively to the community. The focus of the Foundation is on medical research and the wellbeing of children.

“The Tony Fini Foundation has become a great supporter of the Leukemia Foundation, as we believe in the work they are doing to reduce the number of people dying from these forms of cancer and helping them gain access to all new forms of treatment that may not have been available to them without the Leukaemia Foundation’s assistance.”

– Tony Fini AM

Gandel Philanthropy

Gandel Philanthropy is one of Australia’s largest independent family philanthropic funds. It has been the vehicle for charitable giving by the extended Gandel family since its formation as the Gandel Charitable Trust in 1978.

Thanks to the support of Gandel Philanthropy the Leukaemia Foundation was able to undertake a pilot project for a support program called Cancer Concierge in 2018-2019. Designed to assist people living with blood cancer to navigate both their disease and the health system, the pilot focussed on people diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL).

The pilot project demonstrated a large proportion of the participants had never tapped into the Leukaemia Foundation’s services before the Cancer Concierge program and that the personalised support enabled the provision of targeted interventions for participants. These findings are key to shaping the future service delivery of Leukaemia Foundation support services.

Thank you Gandel Philanthropy!

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