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Leukaemia Foundation Position Statements

Our position statements have been created to help inform those affected by blood cancer on a range of topics and issues

More statements will be uploaded here as they become available. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our position statements.

What we do

The Leukaemia Foundation is the Australian charity stopping blood cancer from wrecking lives.

We exist for every Australian affected by any type of blood cancer, including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

The Leukaemia Foundation offers expert support, funds leadingedge research and campaigns to make change for Australians facing blood cancer.

Our goal is zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.

Our values power our purpose and drive us toward our goal: we care deeply, we’re bold, and we always step up and make it count for people living with blood cancer.

Why we do it

Your blood is a remarkable thing. It keeps you alive by giving your body what it needs, taking away what it doesn’t and fighting off infection.

Blood cancer stops your blood from doing what it needs to keep you alive and healthy.

It develops in the places of your body where blood is made, but its exact cause is unknown.

Another 53 Australians are diagnosed with blood cancer each day, joining more than 135,000 people living with the devastating impact of our second
most diagnosed cancer.

A range of things affect someone’s chance of surviving blood cancer and it can be incurable. Sadly, another 16 Australians will lose their life to
blood cancer each and every day.

Find out how we’re campaigning for change

Explore our advocacy activities here