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Media Hub

The Leukaemia Foundation is a national authority on blood cancer.

To access the latest blood cancer information, expert spokespeople and relevant imagery and footage please visit below or contact the media team. You can also view all our media releases here.

Guidelines for reporting on blood cancer in Australia

Guidelines for reporting
Media Guidelines

Facts and statistics

Facts and statistics
Facts and Statistics

Meet our Executives and experts

Meet our executives and experts
Meet our Executives and Experts

Images and video for download

Images and video for download
Media Images and Videos

Media contacts

Media Contacts
Media Contacts

Our Media and Public Relations team are here to help and inform

We welcome opportunities to work with journalists and media outlets interested in shining the spotlight on blood cancer and related issues, building awareness and public conversation in Australia.

We are available to:

  1. Answer media inquiries regarding Leukaemia Foundation and blood cancer in Australia
  2. Provide an expert spokesperson for interview
  3. Assist in finding case studies
  4. Provide visual resources including high-resolution imagery and footage
  5. Provide blood cancer information, facts and figures
  6. Assist in directing you to the information you seek.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist in any way.