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Welcome to Caring for the Carer – an e-learning course designed and written by the Leukaemia Foundation’s Blood Cancer Support Coordinators for carers of people living with a blood cancer. 

While caring can be rewarding, it can also be stressful, overwhelming and isolating. This course will help you learn how to recognise and support your own emotional and practical needs, as well as access all the services, support and guidance that is available to you.

Getting started

To begin the Caring for the Carer course for the first time, click the ‘Login to Enroll’ button at the top of this page. Your secure login will be sent to your email; you’ll then be able to come back to this page and click on your first lesson below: ‘Course Introduction’.  

Doing the course

To progress through the course, hit the green ‘Mark Complete’ button which will appear at the bottom of each page once you have viewed the lesson video or completed each activity.

Once you have completed the course, please make sure you take the time to respond to our survey and provide feedback on this Caring for the Carer program.

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