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Cancer Australia PdCCRS recipients

Meet the new 2021 Grant Recipients and find out more about their research projects

2021 Recipients 

Dr Hannah Wardill

Testing new ways to minimise or prevent the debilitating and potentially deadly graft vs host disease (GvHD) in children who undergo a stem cell transplant.

Dr Hannah Wardill

Dr Kyohei Nakamura

Working towards a new approach to improve the body’s immune response against B-cell lymphoma.

Dr Nakamura

Previous Recipients:

Dr Laurence Cheung

Studying the interaction between bone and leukaemia cells to improve treatment outcomes in childhood leukaemia

Laurence Cheung

Dr Melissa Cantley

Developing new tests to identify which individuals with smouldering myeloma are at risk of developing myeloma

Melissa Cantley

Dr Kate Vandyke

Increasing the efficiency while decreasing toxicity of myeloma therapies

Kate Vandyke

Dr Laura Bray

Developing new models for drug testing to understand the biology and mechanisms of drug resistance in AML

Dr Laura Bray

Dr Michelle Henderson

Developing a new drug a as a novel therapeutic strategy for aggressive leukaemia in children

Michelle Henderson

Dr Jenny Wang

Developing a new targeted therapy with minimal side effects and toxicity to improve the outcome of childhood AML

Jenny Wang

Dr Gabriela Brumatti

Using novel combination therapy to increase the changes of cure for childhood AML

Gabriela Brumatti