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PhD scholarship recipients

HSANZ logoThe Leukaemia Foundation and HSANZ are helping more medical and science graduates pursue a research career in blood cancer by co-funding PhD scholarships.


Find out more about the research projects our current PhD Scholarship recipients are working on.

2023 recipients

Dr Jessica Elliott

T-cell versus T-cell biology: mechanisms and modulation of disease and therapy

Dr Jessica Elliott in the lab, holding some test tubes

Dr Sun Loo

Treatment of acute myeloid leukaemia at the timepoint when small amounts of leukaemia cells are detected to prevent advanced disease

Researcher Dr Sun Loo

2022 recipients

Dr Ray Koo

Improving outcomes for patients after donated stem cell transplants

DR RAY KOO: Improving outcomes for patients after donated stem cell transplants
Dr Ray Koo

Dr Jasmine Singh

Clonal haematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP) – what does it mean?

DR JASMINE SINGH: Investigating the effect of aspirin on genetic risk factors for blood cancer

Dr Vajiranee Malalasekera

Investigating mechanisms of disease development and new therapies in AML with high-risk genetic alternations

Vajiranee Malalasekera

2021 recipients

Basit Salik

Targeting the cancer-immune crosstalk in AML

Basit Salik - Research scientist

Dr Julian Grabek

Identifying subclones in early phase MPN that drive progression and leukaemic transformation

Dr. Julian Grabek

2020 recipients

Dr Liesl Butler

Investigating the gene mutations and biological pathways that lead to the development of MPNs

Development of improved biomarkers and targeted therapies for MPN

Dr Khai Li Chai

Evaluating the evidence base, current practice and clinical outcomes of immunoglobulin treatment

Khai Li Chai

Julian Lindsay

Using antifungal treatments to prevent infection in people with blood cancers and those undergoing bone marrow transplants

Julian Lindsay