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Partner with the Leukaemia Foundation

A partnership that is aligned with your Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, your values and your products has many positive influences on your business.

Having a clearly articulated purpose, that defines your ‘why’ and translates it into meaningful social impact, is the key to powerful competitive advantage.​
​​It enables you to:​​

  • Differentiate your brand at a powerful emotional level and attract new customers
  • Attract, retain and energise your employees
  • Build trust and future-proof your business​
  • The more strategically aligned your purpose is to your business and brand, the more credible it is, the more you can leverage it, the more impact you can create, and the more success you will create for your business.

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Why partner with the Leukaemia Foundation?

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy is more important now than ever before.

Consumers, shareholders and employees are demanding that companies change the way they do business, become more transparent, and take an active role in addressing social, cultural, and environmental issues.

The Leukaemia Foundation is actively working to change the future for Australians living with blood cancer with a bold new goal: zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.

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Great PR and positive stories.

It gives people a reason to talk about you. Your customers want to tell positive stories, and your consumers will be more likely to advocate for you due to your community impact and social stance (32%) vs just looking at your product or brand communications (26%). Read one of our recent partnership stories here.

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Your consumers will be more likely to advocate for your brand or product…

…due to your community impact and social stance (32%)* vs just by looking at your product or brand communications (26%)*.
*Source: 2016 Edelman Earned Brand

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Research suggests people are a happy to pay a little more if the brand or product is associated with current global ​health concerns.

67% of belief driven buyers will purchase from a new brand because of their social stance.

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Builds stronger relationships.

It creates opportunities to connect with your customers and stakeholders.

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Improves customer loyalty.

Create brand advocates, and bespoke employee engagement opportunities for a happy workforce.

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Builds brand awareness.

Your brand will be introduced to new audiences through new platforms.