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Carers and friends

From adjusting to becoming a carer, to resources and everyday tips, we’ve answered your questions about caring for a loved one.

Supporting people with a blood cancer

These tips may help you provide support to someone with a blood cancer.

Being a carer

For everyone who acts as a carer, it means a big change in your life.

Online carers course

A free resource with videos, tips, and more.

Adjusting to being a carer

Being a carer can be hard, so make sure you have the support and tools to cope.

Day to day caring

Caring is about improving the quality of life of a loved one – there are many ways you can do that.

Carers and the health system

Understand your role in the healthcare system as carer.

Financial and legal support for carers

How to legally protect yourself, understand your entitlements and benefit from the systems in place for carers.

Carer resources

Links to organisations that provide services, support and information for carers.