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Media - 28 May 2024

It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and its unpreventable – the shocking truth behind Australia’s blood cancer crisis

The Leukaemia Foundation today revealed shocking new statistics proving just how prevalent blood cancer is in Australia, and that our country is in the middle of a blood cancer crisis.

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Media - 22 May 2024

Blood Cancer Taskforce unveils new Optimal Care Pathways for blood cancer treatment and care

Australia’s Blood Cancer Taskforce today released five new Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs), marking a significant advancement for blood cancer treatment and care in Australia.

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Media - 18 April 2024

Hon. Anna Bligh AC Joins Leukaemia Foundation as National Ambassador

The Leukaemia Foundation today unveiled a powerful addition to its team of Ambassadors, the Honourable Anna Bligh AC. As the former Premier of Queensland and current CEO of the Australian Banking Association, Ms Bligh is a survivor of the blood cancer Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, after being diagnosed in 2013. Ms Bligh will immediately step into her role as National Ambassador, bringing with her a wealth of experience to passionately advocate for fellow Australians impacted by blood cancer.

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Hon. Anna Bligh AC
Media - 17 April 2024

The biggest challenge of cancer patients that nobody talks about…

It’s the number one challenge of people with cancer in Australia , yet ‘cancer related fatigue’ is the often-unspoken side effect that drains and debilitates thousands of Australians every day. With approximately one in two cancer patients reportedly experiencing moderate to severe fatigue during treatment , and for many in the years following, the Leukaemia Foundation believes the prevalence of cancer related fatigue could be much higher.

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Media - 21 March 2024

Leukaemia Foundation Welcomes Government Initiatives to Boost Bone Marrow (Stem Cell) Donor Registry

The Leukaemia Foundation welcomes two significant developments aimed at increasing the number and diversity of bone marrow and stem cell donors across Australia. These initiatives represent an important step forward in the fight against blood cancers, including leukaemia, myeloma, and lymphoma. Over 140,000 people live with blood cancer nationally.

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Media - 20 March 2024

Angie and Dom reveal their massive hair transformations for Aussies living with blood cancer

Well-known Australians Angie Kent and Domenica Calarco (Dom) have today revealed their massive hair transformations as the Leukaemia Foundation’s Ambassadors for this year’s iconic World’s Greatest Shave campaign.

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Domenica Calarco & Angie Kent fundraising for World's Greatest Shave 2024.

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

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