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Our research

The Leukaemia Foundation supports medical research that drives rapid advancements in treatments, encourages the careers of promising scientists, discovers new diagnostics and novel therapies, and gives Australians access to global clinical trials.

Our overarching aim is to fund high-impact research by concentrating our resources on projects with broad potential for all people living with blood cancer.

We have turned our attention to investment in innovation – in diagnosis, treatments and improving quality of life across the blood cancer spectrum.

By forging new, strong research partnerships with leading research agencies, including HSANZ, Cancer Australia, the Centre for Blood Transplant and Cell Therapy’s Centre of Research Excellence, the Leukaemia Foundation’s research program is empowered to have an impact that is exponential.

Our research priorities

  1. Understanding the biology of blood cancers
  2. Precision medicine – investing in new, tailor-made therapies to treat each patient’s cancer
  3. New diagnostics
  4. Novel (new) therapies
  5. Psychosocial aspects of cancer
  6. Innovative clinical trials and/or incorporation of real world data
  7. Prevention research including investigating risk factors and possible causes of blood cancers

PhD Scholarships Program

Helping more medical and science graduates pursue a research career in blood cancer.

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Dr Ashwin Unnikrishnan (UNSW Sydney)

LLS Translational Research Program

We’ve joined forces with the Snowdome Foundation and America’s The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to fund blood cancer research projects with Australian researchers.

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'Next generation' genetic tests

Helping clinicians choose the best therapies.

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Cancer Australia Research Grants

Nurturing early-career medical researchers is critical to discovering better and safer blood cancer treatments.

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SERP research funding

National Research Program

Apply for SERP funding for your research project.

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Trials Enabling Program

Giving Australia access to the world’s best treatments and clinical trials.

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Past research

See how we’re beating blood cancers with ground-breaking research projects.

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Current Funding Opportunities

See what current research funding opportunities are available.

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