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About us

Lymphoma, leukaemia, myeloma – it doesn’t matter. Together we’re attacking every blood cancer in every way we possibly can.

It all began way back in the seventies when a small band of us realised more could be done to save lives from a type of blood cancer called leukaemia. Now there’s more than 100 different types of blood cancer but our shared determination to save and change lives has never been stronger.

What we do

This is how we’re attacking every blood cancer, in every way we can.

Who we are

Get to know the Leukaemia Foundation and the cause we care about.

Where we stand

We’re continuing to develop a range of position statements to better inform people living with blood cancer on a variety of issues. We’ve also created a Reconciliation Action Plan to address the issues First Nations people face when accessing blood cancer treatment.

Pictured: Chris Tanti, CEO Leukaemia Foundation