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National Research Program

Prof Maher Gandhi
Professor Maher Gandhi, a Strategic Ecosystem Partnership Grant recipient

The Leukaemia Foundation is committed to funding research innovations that drive rapid advancements in treatments, discover new diagnostics and novel therapies and enable Australian patients to access global clinical trials.

Our overarching aim is to fund high-impact research by concentrating our resources on projects with broad potential for all people living with blood cancer.

We have turned our attention to investment in innovation: in diagnosis, treatments and improving quality of life across the blood cancer spectrum.

The Leukaemia Foundation has been supporting Australian blood cancer research for over 20 years investing $50 million into research since 2002.

Our National Research Program has the following research priorities:

· Understanding the biology of cancers
· Personalised medicine – investing in new therapies that are tailor-made to treat each patient’s cancer
· New diagnostics
· Novel therapies and care options
· Psychosocial aspects of cancer
· Innovative clinical trials and/or incorporation of real-world data
· Prevention research including investigating blood cancer risk factors

Under the new National Research program, we have the following funding mechanisms:

1. Leukaemia Foundation of Australia PhD Scholarships through HSANZ
2. Projects Grants for Blood Cancer Researchers through Cancer Australia
3. Strategic Ecosystem Research Partnerships (SERP)
4. Special Australian Translational Research Program (TRP) round in collaboration with the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society and Snowdome Foundation
5. Clinical Trials Enabling Program (TEP) in collaboration with the ALLG.

Last updated on February 5th, 2020

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