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Advancing the effective use of targeted therapies for blood cancers while reducing side effects

Damien D'Silva
Damien D’Silva


The MCL-1 gene is abnormally active in around 10% of cancers, leading to the survival of cancer cells despite treatment with anti-cancer drugs. Effective treatments, such as the MCL-1 inhibitors, are now being trialed for blood cancers, however, concerning side effects remain and are yet to be overcome.


Damien, together with his research team, will investigate the unique functions of the MCL-1 gene using novel research methods, which will support the development, progression, and therapy options for blood cancers. Damien’s research is also aimed at improving the understanding of minimising the toxicities and side effects associated with MCL-1 inhibitors.


Damien’s research will lead to enhanced understanding of the MCL-1 genes function with blood cancers, and how therapies such as the MCL-1 inhibitors, can be effectively used to treat blood cancers with minimal side effects. The impact of the research is also likely to help with treatment of non-blood cancers.


Graduating with Honours from Melbourne University/WEHI, Damien has a keen interest in programmed cell death and associated biological pathways in the context of blood cell derived cancers, as well as the development of novel, targeted anti-cancer therapeutics.

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Last updated on November 13th, 2023

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