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Lifeblood | September 2022

You’re supporting families through it all – thank you!

Welcome to your new Lifeblood newsletter.

You’ll meet grateful families you’ve helped support, get the latest update on promising new research and share in the stories of inspiring people in the blood cancer community.

Enjoy the read. It’s you who makes all these wonderful things possible!

A message from the CEO

You are not alone.

This is the strong, singular message that we, the Leukaemia Foundation and our generous supporters, are firmly focused on sharing with our blood cancer community this September.

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Leukaemia Foundation CEO Chris Tanti
Leukaemia Foundation CEO Chris Tanti

A smiling family - mum, dad, and two young daughters

The Evans family – L-R Tahlia, Sandra, Randall and Lauren

The Evans’ blood cancer story spans fifteen years. And your support has been so important.

Fifteen years ago, Sandra felt her world unravel when her four-year-old daughter Tahlia was diagnosed with blood cancer.

And today your support continues to nurture Tahlia, as she evolves in her blood cancer survivorship.

This is the powerful, life-long difference that you’re making.

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You’re making new hope possible

Your generosity is funding a new trial that’s offering this critical hope to families impacted by childhood and teenage acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).

After years of dedicated research and new targeted treatments, the outlook for children and young adults with ALL is improving with more than 80 percent now cured.

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A smiling young teen boy in a hospital bed, with his parents on either side of him
The Snell family

A man hugs his two daughters, all smiling at the camera, with the logo 'Talking blood cancer' on the image beside them

New podcast series launches

Featuring the experiences of Australians impacted by blood cancer (like Tim Keen, pictured), the conversations shared are engaging, raw and real.

Each episode gives listeners a deeply personal insight into how others are navigating life with blood cancer, which could make all the difference to someone feeling unsure about what to expect.

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Positive. Heart-warming. Feel Good

Blood cancer can be incredibly tough, but your generosity means wonderful moments happen too – both big and small.

Good news is simply the best! We’re celebrating some amazing news from two people who are so grateful for your support.

Read about Rob’s experience on the Blood Caner Genomics Trial and Regina’s (pictured) gratefulness for your support.

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A woman and her two young daughters, standing outdoors, smile at the camera

Light the Night

Across our country, thousands of families and friends who have experienced the darkness of blood cancer will stand together to Light the Night on Friday 30 September.

It’s a beautiful event for our community to stand together, show support, raise money and share hope.

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A young woman holds a yellow lantern
Light the Night ambassador, Sabrina Abawi

A young man hugs his smiling mother
Edward and Jan Rhoades


A family’s legacy of love

A deeply personal experience with blood cancer has blossomed into two generations of generosity.

Edward Rhoades and his mum, Jan, knew they wanted to give others impacted by blood cancer a brighter future after he suffered from the debilitating side-effects of a stem cell transplant, to which he eventually lost his life.

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Illustration of two people showing supporting

Need support?

Whether you have blood cancer or you’re the carer or family member of someone with blood cancer, we’re here to help.

Whatever advice you need, support services or blood cancer related questions you might have – just fill in our online referral form and our team will get back to you within two business days.

Or you can call 1800 620 420 to speak with a Blood Cancer Support Coordinator today.

Thank you!

These are the real-life outcomes that you’re helping make possible.