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You are not alone

Chris Tanti, Leukaemia Foundation CEO

This is the strong, singular message that we, the Leukaemia Foundation and our generous supporters, are firmly focused on sharing with our blood cancer community this September.

As we move through Blood Cancer Month, this message of support and understanding is making a difference to the 135,000 Australians living with blood cancer. And it’s helping thousands of other Australians who are feeling the impact of blood cancer past their diagnosis, as a survivor, a carer, or as someone who has lost a loved one.

Your heartfelt generosity is so important. It’s bringing this message of support to life. Thanks to you, the Leukaemia Foundation has announced Australia’s first and only dedicated blood cancer support line, for all Australians with blood cancer and their loved ones.

Your support is translating to real, expert care for anyone who calls 1800 620 420. It means all Australians impacted by blood cancer can speak to a highly skilled blood cancer support professional, who will listen and help families through their experience.

As you read Sandra and Tahlia’s story in this issue, I hope you’ll realise just how life-changing this support is. As mother and daughter, as carer and survivor, they have been guided through blood cancer and beyond by one of our wonderful Blood Cancer Support Coordinators for over 15 years. Being able to call and talk to an expert who truly understands, and is equipped to provide them with personalised help, has really made all the difference.

Your generosity has also woven together powerful, community-shaping events like Light the Night with resources like the new podcast series, Talking Blood Cancer. Layer upon layer, step by step, you’re helping to build a comprehensive toolkit of resources and support so no Australian facing blood cancer should ever feel alone.

Thank you for being there for our blood cancer community.

Chris Tanti

Chief Executive Officer
Leukaemia Foundation