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Insight, inspiration and hope

Image of a smartphone with the Talking Blood Cancer podcast on the screen

Your generosity is bringing together Australians with blood cancer in an authentic and accessible way!

New podcast series launches

A family outdoors smile at the camera: Jo Keen, her partner, and their two young daughtersThanks to your wonderful support, people impacted by blood cancer now have an engaging new resource for insight, inspiration and hope.

Launched this year, the Leukaemia Foundation’s podcast series, Talking Blood Cancer, is fostering a powerful sense of connectedness in the blood cancer community.

Nathalie Cook with her family - her partner and two young adult children

Real advice, real stories

Featuring the experiences of Australians impacted by blood cancer (like Nathalie Cook and Jo Keen, pictured), the conversations shared through this platform are engaging, raw and real. Each episode gives listeners a deeply personal insight into how others are navigating life with blood cancer. Which could make all the difference to someone feeling unsure about what to expect.

So importantly, this resource is ready at any time to connect Australians facing blood cancer with others who are walking a similar path.

What a powerful difference your generosity is making!

Talking Blood Cancer web page bannerConnection matters

  • A new podcast episode is published every fortnight
  • Topics discussed include mental health, being a parent with blood cancer, relationships, fertility and survivorship
  • To date, the series has been downloaded over 2,600 times
  • Listeners have come from over 159 cities and 31 countries

Listen to Talking Blood Cancer now on your favourite podcast platform or on the Leukaemia Foundation website here.

Making a difference

Five little blue stars
I’m not alone

I’m not alone This podcast truly helped me feel like I’m not the only one. Thank you for putting a spot on blood cancer.
– mgswan15
Five little blue stars

Empowering, insightful…

The execution of this podcast is impeccable. It’s raw, heartbreaking and incredibly inspiring. It takes you on a journey with families who have lived this. This podcast may just be what you need if you or someone you know is going through this. Prepare yourself to be moved.
– anon
Five little blue stars


Such inspiring stories & these episodes give such an insight as to what it’s like living with a blood cancer. Such an essential listen for people on the journey.
– Kateark
Five little blue stars

A must listen

What a listen and what a source of support. It’s stories like these that help you feel less alone and less isolated.
– mumifone1

Last updated on August 26th, 2022

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