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Positive. Heart-warming. Feel Good.

Good news is simply the best! We’re celebrating some amazing news from two people who are so grateful for your support.

Robert Spall, right, and his wife, left, smile for the camera

Lyn and Robert

Trial brings fresh hope

Thanks to your generosity, Rob and his family are full of hope!

After finding out that his blood cancer had returned, Rob’s family was devastated. But wonderfully, your support has enabled Rob access to the new Blood Cancer Genomics Trial*, which uses genomic screening to help doctors identify the best specific treatment for each patient.

Excitingly, Rob’s family and medical team are very happy with his current progress, having witnessed a decrease of an existing tumour by 48%.

“When we were first told that nothing could be done, we were all devastated. Because of this clinical trial, we now have hope. Our children are all so happy Rob’s got another chance.”  – Rob’s wife, Lyn

*The Blood Cancer Genomics Trial is a partnership between Tour de Cure and the Leukaemia Foundation

Amazing support for Regina

Diagnosed with blood cancer the week before her planned wedding, Regina faced so many unknowns.

But your incredible generosity armed Regina and her family with the support they needed to get through the rollercoaster of blood cancer treatment and beyond.

The end result? Your support means she can now enjoy making beautiful memories with the loves of her life – her three daughters.

“The Leukaemia Foundation came through with an apartment and staff were absolutely amazing. They were so helpful with my girls and made sure they had everything. They kept in touch and offered support and vouchers.”
– Regina

A woman and her two young daughters, standing outdoors, smile at the camera

Regina with two of her three daughters. “Now it’s about making memories with my girls.”

Last updated on February 7th, 2023

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