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For healthcare professionals

Tools for General Practitioners

To support GPs in the early diagnosis of lymphoma and myeloma, we offer two decision support tools:

End-of-Life Essentials
The End-of-Life Essentials project develops e-learning modules on health care for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to improve the quality and safety of end of life care in hospitals. Visit their website here.

Order resources for your practice or ward

To order our information booklets and brochures for your office, ward, or waiting room, please contact our support team or call 1800 620 420.

Referrals for Accommodation Support

We offer accommodation support for people living with blood cancer from regional, rural or remote areas who need to relocate in order to receive blood cancer treatment. To submit a request for a patient, or the family/carer of a patient, to access accommodation support close to their treatment centre, please complete our online form which can be found here.

Please ensure all questions are answered fully, and someone from your local Access and Navigation team will be in contact with you and the patient or family/carer.

Referrals for Transport Support

Our newly enhanced transport service gives families complete control over their own journey to treatment and is available to all people living with blood cancer, no matter where they live, what day or time their appointments are or which treatment they are having.

Support options available include:

  • referrals to other transport providers
  • financial subsidies
  • taxi, fuel or parking vouchers
  • help completing applications for other providers.

To request transport support for a patient, please complete our online application form.

For any accommodation & transport enquiries you can also call our Access & Navigation team on 1800 555 021 or email us at