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An amazing decision to save someone else’s life

Every Australian with blood cancer should be able to get to their life-saving treatment, no matter where they live, the time of appointment or any special needs.  

It’s an incredibly simple, yet important factor in helping to ensure the best possible outcome for all Australians with blood cancer. 

Fighting blood cancer can take a lot of energy, travel and time. It can be hard to get to medical appointments if you’re feeling unwell or don’t have someone to drive you. The cost of parking, petrol and transport can become stressful and hard to afford. 

Everyone with blood cancer can now access the Leukaemia Foundation’s new personalised transport program.

Wherever you live, whatever your situation 

Your passion for helping all Australians with blood cancer has helped to re-imagine a transport service that empowers people to make the best decisions for themselves. 

The new personalised service gives families complete control over their own journey to life-saving blood cancer treatment, in a way that’s right for them and better meets their needs. This means saving families time, money and worry. 

How it works 

With support from our long-term partner, Bridgestone, a review of transport support highlighted that a one-size approach wasn’t best for the diverse needs of our blood cancer community. What works for a parent travelling with children in Brisbane may be different to a person from regional Victoria who uses a wheelchair and needs to travel to the city for treatment. 

Caring Leukaemia Foundation team members now manage every support request with an individual focus, considering the solution that will best fit the person’s specific needs and where they live.

The service includes expanded options like: 

  • Taxi, fuel or parking vouchers 
  • Financial subsidies 
  • Referrals to other transport providers 
  • Help with completing applications for other providers 

Your support of this service is helping get Australians with blood cancer on the road to recovery, and importantly, save lives. Thank you so much!

Did you know?

$2 from the sale of every Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus tyre sold will help fund the new personalised transport service. It’s just one way that Bridgestone Australia champion their support of our blood cancer community.


– Aaron, using our enhanced transport service 

“I feel empowered by how it’s all tailored to what I personally need, rather than a one size fits all. You guys really understand!” 

Transport Services

If you have blood cancer and would like help getting to your medical appointments, please visit

Last updated on September 1st, 2021

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