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Lifeblood | March 2021

Conquering blood cancer together

Welcome to your new Lifeblood newsletter.

You’ll meet grateful families you’ve help support, get the latest update on promising new research and share in the stories of inspiring people in the blood cancer community.

Enjoy the read. It’s you who makes all these wonderful things possible!

and thanks for having me on the team!

I’m incredibly excited to be joining Australia’s blood cancer community, leading the Leukaemia Foundation as newly appointed Chief Executive Officer. It’s a huge privilege to be part of the team and our supporters in the community who have been stepping up to fight blood cancer for many years, sharing my long-held passion for improving health outcomes and affecting genuine change.”

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Hi, I’m Claire, mum to our little superhero survivor Archer.

If you asked me last year to predict what we’ve faced over the last 15 months – a rollercoaster world of hospitals, tests, procedures and the word “leukaemia” – I would have been lost for words.  The experience that our family has been dragged into is full of unknowns. But one thing I know for sure is, I’m so incredibly grateful.

Grateful that you were by our side. 

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You have extraordinary superpowers to shave the world from blood cancer.

Meet Ryan, a true shave superhero. 

Ryan is 11, loves gaming and wants to be a full-time YouTuber! He’s also endured over 700 hard treatments for blood cancer. 

Determined to change things for other kids facing blood cancer, Ryan has added ‘superhero’ to his achievement list! Just one month after finishing his last chemo treatment, he’s shaved his ‘new’ hair for the World’s Greatest Shave to help fund research. 

 “Chemo, scans, feeling scared and sick – it all sucks! There has to be a better way and I want to help researchers find it.” 

– Ryan, helping Aussies facing blood cancer and inspiring others to do the same.

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Positive. Heart-warming. Feel Good.

Good news is simply the best! 

Blood cancer can be incredibly tough, but your generosity means wonderful moments happen too – both big and small. 

We’re celebrating some amazing news from members of our blood cancer community who are so grateful for your support. 

Thanks for being a good news maker!

Nadia, Hunter and Tyler have three amazing good news stories. Read them here.


Research in focus

Zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035. It’s a fierce, bold goal that you’ve thrown your generosity and passion behind. By funding Australia’s most talented research minds, you’re helping to unlock a brighter future, faster! 

A future where, thanks to you, all Australians can access the best diagnostics, treatments and clinical trials – which means more lives saved.

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Frank’s legacy now fighting graft versus host disease

More than half of Australians with blood cancer undergoing stem cell transplants face graft versus host disease (GvHD), where donated stem cells attack the body’s cells. 

When Robyn Gray received a bequest from her late stepfather Frank, she generously supported the Leukaemia Foundation in his memory to support research in this area. 

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You’ve given Jenny confidence to navigate life after diagnosis

When Jenny von Pein was first diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, she was told to ‘watch and wait’. But after additional medical problems, she was determined to get a second opinion. 

Thanks to the Dry July Foundation and the generosity of the participants from the 2020 campaign, Jenny was able to access a knowledgeable Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer Coordinator. This connection meant Jenny was supported with vital information to help find her best treatment. 

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An amazing decision to save someone else’s life 

Eleanor was diagnosed with leukaemia at just 22 years old. 

While she was trying to navigate what this meant and a new world of treatment and decisions, it was your generosity that gave her immediate support. 

It was this support that led Eleanor to make a powerful decision – one that will change someone’s life in the future. 

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Thank you!

These are the real-life outcomes that you’re helping make possible.

Last updated on October 5th, 2022

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