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Position Statement

Our position

Glyphosate is a herbicide found in popular weedkillers and commonly used in the agricultural industry and has been investigated by regulators in relation to potential health risks.

The Leukaemia Foundation is closely monitoring this issue and appreciates the serious and legitimate concerns people have around any potential environmental cause of disease and potential effects on health.

Products containing glyphosate are registered for use in Australia by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA). According to the APVMA, approved products containing glyphosate can be used safely according to the directions listed on the label.

The Leukaemia Foundation supports a scientific approach to regulation that ensures all agricultural chemical products are thoroughly and independently assessed.

Following an assessment by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and a review by the Australian Department of Health, the APVMA conducted its own assessment of glyphosate in 2016. The APVMA concluded exposure to glyphosate doesn’t pose a cancer risk to people.

On the weight of available evidence, the Leukaemia Foundation considers glyphosate is safe for use provided the label directions are met. Should any compelling new research on the use of glyphosate become available, we believe the APVMA should undertake an up-to-date review of their assessment.

The Leukaemia Foundation encourages Australians who work with the chemical in both domestic and commercial settings to take the recommended health and safety precautions, including wearing relevant personal protective equipment that meets Australian standards. In cases of domestic use, the Leukaemia Foundation suggests exercising caution, and to always follow the safety instructions listed on the product packaging.

Frequently asked questions

Is glyphosate known by any other common names?

Glyphosate is a chemical that is found in many known herbicide products, namely RoundUp, KleenUp, Accord, Imitator, Eraser, Pronto and Rodeo.

What is the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA)?

The APVMA is an independent statutory authority that is responsible for regulating agricultural and veterinary chemicals in Australia.

Does the Leukaemia Foundation comment on any ongoing legal action surrounding glyphosate?

No. The Leukaemia Foundation is not qualified to provide comments or advice on these actions, in Australia or in any other jurisdiction.

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