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Talking Blood Cancer: The strength within

Vince O’Donnell’s inspiring battle with hereditary amyloidosis

In this episode of the Talking Blood Cancer podcast, Maryanne Skarparis is joined by guest Vince O’Donnell to talk about his experiences living with hereditary amyloidosis. Vince shares that he was diagnosed at 59 and has surpassed his prognosis by about seven years, thanks to advancements in treatment options. They discuss the impact of genetic testing in identifying hereditary conditions, the symptoms and diagnosis process, as well as treatment options over the years.

Vince highlights the financial burden and stresses of living with a chronic condition, including the cost of medical appointments and medications. He and his wife made life decisions, such as giving up work and accessing financial support, to sustain themselves during illness, further emphasising the importance of planning to tackle health issues and making decisions to live the best life possible.

Touching up on the significance of peer-to-peer social support in facing challenges related to health, as Vince reflects on his improved outlook and quality of life over the years. Sharing his mantra of “tomorrow will be a better day,” Vince offers valuable insights into living life with hope, making proactive treatment decisions, and the importance of acceptance and courage in approaching difficult situations.

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