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You have extraordinary superpowers to shave the world from blood cancer

Meet Ryan, a true shave superhero.

Ryan is 11.  He loves pizza, gaming and is aspiring to be a full-time YouTuber.  He has also endured over 700 treatments for blood cancer. 

In 2020, just a month out from finishing his last chemo treatment – he selflessly shaved his recently re-grown hair for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. 

“The treatment for is so rough. One of the first things that my doctor said to me was… if I wanted to survive leukaemia, I first had to survive the treatment.

This is why we need money for research. There has to be a better way,”  Ryan said.

Ryan got sponsored to shave his hair because he desperately wants to make treatment easier for kids in the future.

So, after everything he’d been through, Ryan put on the shave cape and lost his locks in front of his cheering schoolmates (and even inspired his principal to shave, too!).

When you sacrifice your you send a powerful message of hope to the thousands of families facing a blood cancer diagnosis in Australia today.

By signing up to brave the shave, you will join a superhero squad of Australians who have the power to help make Ryan’s dream for better treatments come true.

Go on… your cape is waiting! World’s Greatest Shave is on now.

Sign up and get sponsored to shave your hair.  Visit to get started!


Sign up and get sponsored to shave your hair.

Go on… your cape is waiting! World’s Greatest Shave is on now.