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Hello and thanks for having me on the team!

I’m incredibly excited to be joining Australia’s blood cancer community, leading the Leukaemia Foundation as newly appointed Chief Executive Officer.  

It’s a huge privilege to be part of the team and our supporters in the community who have been stepping up to fight blood cancer for many years, sharing my long-held passion for improving health outcomes and affecting genuine change. 

I come into this inspiring organisation with an early-career background in social work and over 25 years’ experience in national and international senior executive positions. I carry experience from leadership roles across mental health, disability services and aged care, including CEO of headspace as well as Australia’s National Disability Services and Royal Freemasons Aged Care.

I’m in awe of the care and dedication of you, our community of supporters, working tirelessly to conquer blood cancer and create positive, lasting change. Recently I met with the Leukaemia Foundation’s Redcliffe Branch, people who have worked long hours over many years to help raise awareness of blood cancer, as well as funds for the important work we do. It’s your fundraising and support that’s enabling life-saving outcomes, creating better access to treatment, supportive care and information. 

The conversations I’ve already had with families facing blood cancer, donors, members, volunteers and partners have reinforced a strong and united message: our shared vision of zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035 is so very important and there’s no time to waste. 

In the context of the work started by the national Blood Cancer Taskforce, the Leukaemia Foundation will work to clearly define our strategy and its outcomes so we can all put our efforts and energy into turning the tables on blood cancer. I’m so proud to be leading the organisation championing that change. 

Thank you 

Chris Tanti,

Chief Executive Officer
Leukaemia Foundation