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The blood cancer Optimal Care Pathways Guide to Best Cancer Care public consultation

On behalf of the Blood Cancer Taskforce, thank you for visiting our Optimal Care Pathways (OCP) Guides to Best Cancer Care public consultation webpage.

Project Overview

In 2019, the Commonwealth tasked the Blood Cancer Taskforce with overseeing implementation of Australia’s first National Strategic Action Plan for Blood Cancer. The OCP project is part of a commitment made by the Federal Health Minister, the Hon. Greg Hunt MP, as part of the launch of the National Action Plan in September 2020. The OCP project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

One of the first priorities of the Taskforce and the National Action Plan is to reduce disparities in survival outcomes and promote best practice standard of care for all people diagnosed with a blood cancer – no matter where they live, no matter their background. The OCP project is an important first step towards achieving that goal.

The OCPs

Optimal Care Pathway resources have been developed to provide a national standard of high-quality cancer care that all Australians should expect and fosters greater collaboration between health professionals and people affected by cancer.

There are three interrelated documents that make up each OCP – the full Optimal Care Pathway, a Quick Reference Guide, and a Guide to Best Cancer Care.

The OCPs are for health professionals, patients, carers and anyone affected by blood cancer or involved in blood cancer care. The Guide to Best Cancer Care is specifically a resource for patients to help them understand more about their disease, where they can seek support and guidance throughout treatment and survivorship.

Public consultation will run from Tuesday 19th April – Sunday 24th April.

How to provide feedback

To provide feedback, please download and populate this template. You will find a row for each section of the Guide to Best Cancer Care to provide feedback. You don’t have to provide feedback on each section. You will also find an ”Other” section in case you would like to provide general feedback on the Guide as a whole rather than section by section.

PLEASE NOTE: These documents are in draft form and are not to be circulated.  

The draft OCP Guides to Best Cancer Care are listed below, please click on the links to review the documents:

Once completed, please send your feedback to

If you have any questions, please contact the team via [email protected].

Last updated on August 24th, 2022

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