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Thank you for being there when it matters most

Having lived through her own diagnosis of acute promyelocytic leukaemia (APML), the Leukaemia Foundation’s new Chairman, Dr Carrie Hillyard, has a special thank you message to our generous supporters around the country.

Chair of the Leukaemia Foundation, Dr Carrie Hillyard
Leukaemia Foundation Chair Dr Carrie Hillyard is thankful for the generosity of supporters

“We’ve all heard a lot of the same words this year: “challenging”, “unprecedented”, “pivot”.

In fact, you may know from experience that these very words sum up the blood cancer experience on any given day.

From the moment that diagnosis is pronounced, life certainly takes an “unprecedented” turn into the unknown. Family plans are forced to pivot day-to-day.

With all that Australia has faced this year, it’s meant so much that you are standing up and offering your support and kindness, particularly when families facing blood cancer are feeling even more vulnerable.

Even during bushfires and a global pandemic, blood cancer doesn’t stop, so neither can we.

Like you, I’ve observed the Leukaemia Foundation’s dedication to service for many years now and am privileged to now step into the Chairman role.

I feel deeply proud to succeed the long-standing and well-loved Chairman, Beverley Mirolo OAM, as we continue towards a bold new goal of zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.

Such a lofty ambition wouldn’t be possible without your generous support  and I’m grateful for your continued help in conquering blood cancer.” ”

– Dr Carrie Hillyard  AM
Leukaemia Foundation Board Chairman