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Helping people with blood cancer during COVID-19

We’d like to thank you for empowering the blood cancer frontline.

Access to support and trusted information is incredibly important to Australian families facing blood cancer. In the midst of a pandemic, it’s crucial.

Those of you with friends and loved ones touched by blood cancer will know the anxiety all too well.

“Is it still safe to get treatment during COVID-19?”

“Am I at risk if I’m in remission?”

“How can I find out more information?”

With so many people in desperate need for support, you’ve answered the call for help, showing Australians living with blood cancer that you care and enabling an army of caring Blood Cancer Support Coordinators to mobilise swiftly.

Leukaemia Foundation staff member Lara takes a video call with a patient
Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer Support Coordinator, Lara, providing virtual support on a video call

Your generosity has supported a huge COVID-19 outreach program, that made over 3,600 connections with Australians facing blood cancer in just two months.

These video calls and phone chats are vital for families already feeling the weight of a blood cancer diagnosis and now dealing with additional pressure in the face of COVID-19. Your support gives these families someone to listen to and comfort them when they’re overwhelmed.

Connection with others facing blood cancer has also been so important during a crisis, and your kindness is linking Australians together.

Your support has seen the launch of national online support groups, empowering families to share and be supported by those who are walking the same path.

Covering topics such as ‘Living with uncertainty’, ‘Coping with change’ and ‘Courage in the face of chaos’, these virtual groups give people impacted by blood cancer a way to be heard, to share their lived experience and learn ways of coping.

You only have to hear some of the feedback from Australians who have taken part to know your donation has made such a powerful difference:

“It was a safe place to express my feelings. I was affirmed and validated.”

“As a patient, (the value was) the connection with other patients…hearing people’s stories and experience.”

“Having this space to talk to people going through the same type of experience – I’ve been yearning for it and I am so grateful; thank you so much.”

And with more than 20% of participants connecting with the Leukaemia Foundation for the first time, we know even more Australians are being helped when they need it. But with so much uncertainty, Australians with blood cancer continue to need the latest information from a trusted source, available 24/7.

Thanks to you, nearly 17,000 people found vital information on the Leukaemia Foundation’s online COVID-19 hub in just three months.

Even though life in isolation is ‘normal’ for many people going through blood cancer treatment, this hub has provided helpful information to deal with new challenges faced. With advice on areas like how COVID-19 may impact stem cell transplants and clinical trials, families are empowered with trusted information.

You’ve done so much to champion families facing blood cancer during COVID-19. You’ve armed the blood cancer frontline with your amazing generosity…and it’s stronger with your support.

Last updated on February 21st, 2022

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