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Dear Blood Cancer…

The Nott family share their letter to blood cancer to mark World Blood Cancer Day. Their seven-year-old daughter, Nevaeh recently conquered a rare and aggressive blood cancer after an international search for a perfect-match bone marrow donor.

Bree, Neveah and Josh Nott
Bree, Nevaeh and Josh Nott

Dear Blood Cancer,

You changed all our lives last year when you threatened my seven-year-old daughter, Nevaeh’s life.

You forced us out of our home and into a foreign world that we had never wanted to go.

You were one of the most rare and aggressive blood cancers forcing Nevaeh to endure a bone marrow transplant to have a chance at beating you.

Nevaeh in the hospital during treatment
Nevaeh during treatment

You kept us waiting, looking far and wide for a donor who would be a perfect match for Nevaeh – we finally found them, in Germany and we were hopeful this would be the key to your end. 

But you did not give up easily. You continued your fight with infections, viruses and record high temperatures but my little girl showed strength like never before and impressed us all with her determination and fight.

You taught us a lot about ourselves during this time and we overcame challenges we never thought possible. Because of you our family is now even stronger. 

Because of you we met some of the most kind and wonderful people in this world – brilliant doctors, nurses and staff at the Leukaemia Foundation village who all were determined to make sure Nevaeh got the best care and support possible.

Because of them we are now back at home, watching Nevaeh continue to beat you.


The Nott Family

Last updated on September 3rd, 2020

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