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Cipla generic imatinib benefits Leukaemia Foundation

In Australia, approximately 3000 people with CML diagnosis are on imatinib treatment and almost 30% of them take a generic imatinib.

If they were to choose one particular brand of generic imatinib, they also would make a significant donation to the Leukaemia Foundation’s research program each time they filled their prescription.

For Benefit Medicines (FBM) – Australia’s first ‘for-benefit’ pharmaceutical company – was established under a social enterprise model, with the sole purpose of distributing 100% of profits to patient support and medical research in Australia.

FBM directors, Barry Frost, left, and John Hurley.
FBM directors, Barry Frost, left, and John Hurley.

FBM distributes an imatinib generic drug – Cipla Imatinib Adult. This medicine, approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for use in Australia, is required to meet the same strict regulations as applied to the original brand (Glivec®), with regard to quality, safety and effectiveness.

Cipla is one of eight different brands of generic imatinib, which together make up 30% of scripts. The remainder is Glivec.

In a partnership with FBM, the Leukaemia Foundation is poised to benefit from the sales of Cipla Imatinib. 

Since late-2017, FBM Foundation has supported the Leukaemia Foundation through a partnership agreement where 100% of profits from sales of their brand of imatinib (Cipla Imatinib Adult) will go to the Leukaemia Foundation.

For each script of Cipla Imatinib, once FBM’s costs are covered, the Leukaemia Foundation will receive all profits, which will be directed to further research based on the Leukaemia Foundation’s research funding policy.

Cipla Imatinib is available on prescription from doctors and for dispensing through pharmacies. It is listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and is the same cost to people with CML as other current CML imatinib medications.

Last updated on August 6th, 2020

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