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Talking Blood Cancer: Resilience and Triumph with Perry Judd

Perry Judd’s Fight Against Leukaemia and Rise to Athletic Glory

In this enlightening episode of the Talking Blood Cancer podcast, host Maryanne Skarparis welcomes Perry Judd, a remarkable blood cancer survivor with a tale of resilience and triumph.

Throughout the episode, Perry provides an in-depth look at his personal ordeal with blood cancer, recalling a harrowing infection that led to a transformative health journey. His narrative details a demanding transplant, aggressive chemotherapy, and the formidable side effects that followed, offering listeners an insider’s perspective on the challenges faced during treatment.

They explore Perry’s out-of-body experiences and his battle with communication barriers and pain management. They shine a light on the significant role alternative medicine and his employer’s support played in his recovery. Perry’s story is one of connection and endurance, highlighting the power of goal-setting while grappling with serious illness.

Listeners will be inspired by Perry’s remarkable return to competitive sports, winning multiple medals in cycling and triathlon events, and his ambition to participate in future competitions. His message is one of hope and encouragement, aiming to motivate others with similar diagnoses to believe in their strength and potential.

His insights extend beyond his sports achievements, delving into the gratitude he feels for his family, friends, and access to quality healthcare that steered him through the delicate post-transplant phase. Perry’s gradual return to his job at Queensland Health and his ascent to a leadership role demonstrate his commitment to using his experience to benefit others in his professional capacity.

Finally, Perry shares heartfelt advice for those newly diagnosed with blood cancer: to treat oneself with kindness, trust in the circle of support, and remember that this challenging phase does not define who you are. His story leaves a lasting impression on the importance of attitude, love, and trust in overcoming leukaemia.

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Last updated on May 17th, 2024

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