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Talking Blood Cancer: Finding Strength

Nerys’s Journey Through Leukemia Loss & Community Support

In this episode of the Talking Blood Cancer podcast, host Kate Arkadieff is joined by Nerys Welch, who shares her deeply personal experience as the caregiver and widow of her husband, Richard, who battled T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Kate sets the tone by acknowledging the sensitive nature of grief and loss, encouraging listeners to approach the episode with compassion towards themselves and to step away if the content becomes too overwhelming. This precaution sets a respectful and understanding atmosphere right from the beginning.

During the conversation, Nerys recounts the tumultuous journey from Richard’s diagnosis through his bone marrow transplant to ultimately managing life and parenting solo after his passing. She describes the emotional weight of caregiving, the challenges of watching a loved one suffer, and dealing with the resultant grief that continues to play a role in her daily life. Nerys’ story provides invaluable insights into the struggles faced by families dealing with blood cancer from a caregiver’s perspective, highlighting issues such as adjusting to a new normal, the impacts on children, and the importance of seeking support.

Furthermore, Nerys touches on the significance of community and shared experiences, emphasising how connecting with others through online support groups helped her navigate her grief. This episode not only shares one woman’s story but also offers comfort and understanding to others who are living through similar hardships.

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