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Urgent Appeal: Australians battling blood cancer and financial strain amidst soaring cost of living

Thursday June 22, 2023

  • 80 per cent of blood cancer patients needing to relocate for treatment would exhaust their savings without the Leukaemia Foundation’s accommodation services[i]
  • 40 per cent of blood cancer patients live regionally, often needing to relocate to access life-saving treatment[ii]
  • Leukaemia Foundation launches urgent appeal for donations to continue to provide home away from home for regional blood cancer patients

Concerning research from the Leukaemia Foundation reveals the majority (80 per cent) of blood cancer patients needing to relocate for treatment would be forced to exhaust their savings to fund accommodation close to treatment[iii]

With nearly 40 per cent of blood cancer patients in Australia live in regional and remote areas, many must travel long distances to access life-saving treatment[iv]. The Leukaemia Foundation’s support is crucial for these individuals, providing free-of-charge accommodation centres and support to alleviate some of their financial burden.

With a devastating shortfall in donations, the Leukaemia Foundation’s CEO Chris Tanti said the organisation has launched an urgent appeal in order to continue to provide a place to stay for these patients and their loved ones.

“The Leukaemia Foundation’s accommodation centres provide more than just a place to stay – for many it’s a lifeline. These patients can have a roof over their heads and experienced professionals to answer their questions, surrounded by the people they care about the most, all free of charge.”

“More than 19,000 Australians will experience the pain of a blood cancer diagnosis this year alone – and that number is set to nearly double by 2035, meaning the demand for these services will continue to grow. Without the generosity of everyday Australians, we risk being unable to continue offering this vital support,” Mr Tanti said.

In 2022, the Leukaemia Foundation provided accommodation for 547 Australian families affected by blood cancer saving them thousands of dollars in accommodation costs.

This June, Leukaemia Foundation is urgently appealing to the generosity of the Australian community and inviting individuals, families, and businesses to lend their support by making a tax-deductible gift in time for the end of the financial year.

“We understand many Australians are doing it tough due to the rising cost of living. For those facing a blood cancer diagnosis on top of this, financial stress is a harsh reality. They often have to drop everything in order to focus on treatment, including leaving work and loved ones. A tax-deductible contribution can make the world of difference.”

“We’re calling on Australians to give what they can to make sure no one has to leave family behind to get the blood cancer treatment they need.” Mr Tanti said.

Please donate to the Leukaemia Foundation’s urgent Tax Appeal to ensure regional Australians with blood cancer have a comfortable and welcoming home surrounded by the love and support of family –


Without support from the Leukaemia Foundation:  

  • 5% of families would decline treatment altogether.
  • 10% of families would seek less-optimal care closer to home.
  • 20% of families would be driven to financial hardship by the cost of blood cancer treatment.
  • 80% of families would exhaust their savings funding accommodation close to treatment.

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[iii] The Health, Social and Economic Impacts of the Leukaemia Foundation, Insight Economics Pty Ltd, February 2021