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Leukaemia Foundation ditches O, A and B in global hunt for new donors

This week, the Leukaemia Foundation is removing the letters O, A and B from their logo this week in a bid to encourage 100,000 Australians to become blood donors. It’s all part of International Missing Type Day, a global campaign run simultaneously by 25 blood services which aims to recruit more volunteer blood donors.

Nearly 40 percent of Australians don’t know their blood type – indicating many have never considered making a blood donation.

Yet more than 30 percent of the population will need a blood transfusion or product in their lifetime, showing just how critical the ongoing need for blood is.

For patients undergoing treatment for blood cancer like leukaemia, it takes 18 people to donate blood to help support just one patient for one month. The average treatment cycle is eight months.

According to the Australian Red Cross Blood Bank, blood only has a shelf life of 42 days, and more than 25,000 donations are needed across Australia each week to meet patient needs.

Leukaemia Foundation Head of Living Well Kathryn Huntley said we are proud to be supporting an important drive.

“Everyday 35 people are diagnosed with a blood cancer in Australia and therefore demand for donated blood is seriously needed”, she added.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Bank is calling for 100,000 Australian residents to sign up as blood or plasma donors. If you’re already a donor, we’d ask you to please give one more donation each year – it really does help.”

Becoming a blood donor is easier than ever with a new self-service booking system available at

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022

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