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Empowering families with expert information and advice

Your generosity is helping to craft a focused education program for Australians with blood cancer.

Blood cancer can be a complex experience, impacting many aspects of life. People may feel like they’ve only just faced one challenge before another one comes along.

That’s why empowering families facing blood cancer with a wide range of information and expert support is incredibly important.

Over 1,700 people have registered for Leukaemia Foundation webinars and seminars in the last 12 months.

Webinar and seminars

Featuring expert presenters, the webinars and seminars allow people to gain practical skills and learn from others on various topics.

Each session is carefully designed in response to factors like consumer feedback and market analysis. It’s all about listening to what Australians with blood cancer need and being there for them with the latest information.

Recent topics include:

✅ The financial and legal challenges of blood cancer
✅ Talking to kids about blood cancer
✅ Fertility and blood cancer
✅ Fear of cancer recurrence

Your generosity in action: Fear of cancer recurrence webinar

What and why: Fear of relapse is a common experience for people with blood cancer and can significantly impact someone’s quality of life. This webinar offered strategies to manage the sense of uncertainty and empowered people to seek support.

Featuring: Dr Charlotte Tottman, clinical psychologist and cancer survivor.

How you’ve helped:

“I got a lot from Charlotte’s information and advice. She hit the nail on the head with every word she spoke, acknowledging the very real fear of recurrence and the need a person living with blood cancer has to be heard and understood. Her wisdom, guidance and advice were priceless.” – Yvonne Taylor, blood cancer survivor

Thank you so much for empowering Yvonne and many others.