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The Leukaemia Foundation uniquely fuses support, science, and spirit.

Chris Tanti, Leukaemia Foundation CEO

I’m truly excited to witness every day these three forces uniting to create a life-changing impact for families facing blood cancer.

You, our incredible supporters, are so vital in bringing these elements together. Your fierce drive for a future without blood cancer gives life to science, bringing new treatments into hospital rooms. Your passionate spirit supports bold campaigns for change, amplifying our message. And your generosity ensures our expert blood cancer team can be there to answer every call for help.

September is an important month to harness our collective power in a laser-focused effort to be there for every Australian impacted by blood cancer. As we move through Blood Cancer Month, your support is magnifying our message to anyone facing blood cancer: You are not alone.

This sense of unwavering support is at the heart of our new community of passionate monthly donors, The Giving Cell. In this issue, you can learn more about this special extended family of ours, united against blood cancer.

Every person’s story in this issue reflects just how important having a caring community is. Their lived experiences, generously shared with us, give such great insight into how your support helps. Inside, you’ll meet Chris Dodd and his family, just one of many families who’ve faced blood cancer threatening to tear them apart.

As a father and husband, I can only imagine what that must have felt like. But thanks to you, the Dodd family was able to fight blood cancer together, nurtured by caring Blood Cancer Support Coordinators.

And this specialised care is second to none. Leukaemia Foundation has been named one of Australia’s most reputable cancer charities in the annual Reptrak study, which measures the reputation of Australia’s biggest charities. When families like the Dodds face the uncertainty that blood cancer brings, they can rely on us as a trusted and reputable force in their corner.

This is powerful, life-changing support. And it’s all thanks to you.

Chris Tanti

Chief Executive Officer
Leukaemia Foundation

Last updated on April 3rd, 2024

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