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Giving is in our blood. Literally.

When it comes to fighting blood cancer, we’re incredibly passionate about the power of community. By coming together, we can achieve so much more.

That’s why the Leukaemia Foundation is excited to be launching The Giving Cell, our community of monthly donors working together to create a future where no one has to face blood cancer.

An extended family united against blood cancer

Imagine a big, extended family that comes together to help when someone is facing an illness. Some family members help with the practical things; others get right onto making sense of the science behind it all. Everyone is there with support, no matter how tough things may get.

The Giving Cell is just like this. It’s a community coming together like family, fired up to support everyone impacted by blood cancer.

Why join The Giving Cell?

By joining The Giving Cell, you’ll be part of a passionate community of monthly donors dedicated to saving lives from blood cancers through leading-edge research and expert support.

You’ll get:

  • Regular updates that show how you’re supporting families today and enabling tomorrow’s research discoveries
  • Ongoing access to reliable information on individual blood cancers to support the people in your life impacted by blood cancer
  • Exclusive access to some of the smartest minds searching for blood cancer cures and better treatments
  • The knowledge you’re helping to create a future where zero lives are lost to blood cancer
Urvi Majumdar with her father Bhaskar
Leukaemia Foundation Ambassador Urvi Majumdar with her father Bhaskar

The difference you’ll make

Urvi Majumdar first connected with the Leukaemia Foundation when her father was diagnosed with blood cancer last year.

“Our family is forever indebted to the Leukaemia Foundation for all the ways they’ve supported us through the very difficult journey we’ve been going through with Dad’s illness,” says Urvi.

“We’ve had to go to Royal Melbourne Hospital over 10 times for hundreds of days, both in the wards and ICU. When emergency strikes, living next to the hospital in Leukaemia Foundation accommodation is a huge blessing. The Leukaemia Foundation has also provided a beautifully supportive community.”

“By joining The Giving Cell you are helping families in dire need, more than you could know.”