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Darrin’s life changed in an instant

But your support was ready.

A man sitting in a hospital bed, smiling, surrounded by his family
(Left to right) Darrin’s daughter-in-law Jamie Sparnon, Darrin, Darrin’s daughter Kaitlin Arnold, and her partner Ziggy Burt.

A simple blood test changed Darrin’s life.

After being urgently called back about a “problem” with his results, Darrin was given the shocking news that he had blood cancer.

“I was devastated. I didn’t know anything about leukaemia and I was so sure that I was going to die. I had no idea the ride I was in for.”

Three days later, Darrin began intense treatment in Royal Melbourne Hospital, over 300km away from his home in NSW.

There was simply no time for him to process how he and his partner Suzie would cope with what was to come.

“I don’t really remember much of those first few weeks, because the treatment was so savage,” recalls Darrin.

As Darrin and Suzie tried their best to face an overwhelming blood cancer diagnosis in the middle of a pandemic, your support stepped in to help them feel strong again.

Keeping safe during COVID-19

Your generosity provided security at a time when everything was uncertain.

Darrin’s family were immediately offered clean and secure Leukaemia Foundation accommodation close to hospital, so Darrin could be as safe as possible during lockdown. Having been at a Leukaemia Foundation Village for over a year now, Darrin and Suzie have felt your support every day.

“We’ve felt 110% safer in Leukaemia Foundation accommodation than anywhere else. We’d be in big trouble without it. Everyone has helped us so much.”

Easing financial stress

Without free Leukaemia Foundation accommodation, Darrin’s family would have struggled to make ends meet.

“Financially, the support has really taken the pressure off. Without your support, we’d be bankrupt; we’d have nothing at all.”

Being there through it all

As Darrin and Suzie continue to navigate life with blood cancer, they appreciate the personalised support that your generosity enables us to deliver every step of the way.

“Everyone at the Leukaemia Foundation has helped so much, I cannot speak more highly of them,” says Suzie.

It’s this unwavering support, from people like you who care deeply, that makes all the difference for families facing a life changing diagnosis. Thank you so much.


Did you know?

Illustration of a cleaning spray bottle

A safe haven

To keep resident families safe, precautionary measures and improved cleaning protocols have remained in place at accommodation centres since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Illustration of differently coloured germs as seen under a microscope

Medical grade air purifiers to help keep families safe

Medical grade air purifiers are being introduced in some Leukaemia Foundation accommodation centres, providing extra protection against COVID-19 for families.

Illustration of a house

Accommodation means saving lives

For some at-risk families, Leukaemia Foundation accommodation can be the difference between accessing the best treatment or not. Families have told us that without access to Leukaemia Foundation accommodation:

  • 5% of families would have declined treatment (1)
  • 10% would have sought less optimal care closer to home, likely leading to poorer outcomes (2)
  • Roughly 80% would have exhausted their savings and faced higher out-of-pocket costs if they had to self-fund their accommodation.

1) The Health, Social and Economic Impacts of the Leukaemia Foundation, Insight Economics Pty Ltd, February 2021
2 )The Health, Social and Economic Impacts of the Leukaemia Foundation, Insight Economics Pty Ltd, February 2021

Last updated on February 7th, 2023

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