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New digital support service

The next generation of blood cancer support

Thanks to you, patients and their loved ones have an innovative new support service at their fingertips.

Living with blood cancer can mean navigating challenges way past the shock of a diagnosis. With the help of you, our passionate community, the Leukaemia Foundation has launched an always-there digital service to help Australians with blood cancer.

Greater support for families

Your generosity is showing up for families facing blood cancer today, powering the only platform of its kind in Australia dedicated to improving the wellbeing of people with cancer.

The service offers practical steps and resources to address common needs and concerns, with the latest research showing:

  • 70% of people with blood cancer face emotional challenges
  • Almost 30% haven’t been able to return to work since their diagnosis
  • At least 60% of people with cancer report suffering from fatigue

Help at any time and on any device

The new online blood cancer support service features:

  • Six learning modules designed in consultation with patients
  • A personalised energy coach
  • A guide to local service providers
  • A live chat feature with Leukaemia Foundation health professionals

You’re supporting Christie

Christie Yu

In 2019, Christie Yu received a shock diagnosis of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow.

Unfortunately, her treatment resulted in several side effects and complications, and she’s now reliant on a wheelchair when she goes out.

“Being diagnosed with cancer is a very abrupt and extensive change. Often the physical challenges are acknowledged, but in some ways, the psychological challenges can be even more difficult,” says Christie.

Using the online support service

Christie’s been using the new service to help navigate survivorship. She talks about her favourite aspect of the service – the ‘new normal’ learning module.

“It captures many unspoken difficulties of survivorship, like the loss of the hospital support network and grappling with what you have experienced,” explains Christie.

“I thought I was alone in grieving my old self and expectations of survivorship. The module normalises these thoughts and makes you feel you’re not alone.”

Thank you for making this life-changing service possible.

“I am filled with gratitude. Your support reminds me that people care about us going through blood cancer,” says Christie.

Find out more about our online blood cancer support service