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Support for blood cancer patients outside Australia

The Leukaemia Foundation is a charity registered in Australia offering wraparound health services primarily to people living in Australia with any type of blood cancer, including lymphoma, myeloma and leukaemia / leukemia.

But blood cancer is a disease that impacts people all over the world and we’ve compiled a list of resources that might be helpful to patients and carers living outside Australia.

Medical visas

More information about visas that allow you to travel to or remain longer in Australia for blood cancer treatment, or how to bring someone you know with blood cancer to Australia.

Reciprocal health agreements

Australia has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with some countries. Learn more about those agreements and what they might mean for you.

Treatment and payment of treatment in your own country

Find out about other support that might be available in your country.

Private health cover for international students in Australia

More information about Australian health cover for students from overseas.

Leukaemia Foundation health services

Our wraparound health services include information support, practical support, and emotional support.

Information support

Our website contains a large amount of blood cancer related information, including:

This service is available to anyone, regardless of where in the world they live.

We don’t post our printed blood cancer information resources, like booklets, to addresses outside of Australia.

It’s very important to know blood cancer information, including about symptoms, tests, treatments and side effects often differ from country to country. We encourage you to access information from verified and reputable services and websites from your own country to ensure you find information most relevant to you and your cancer.

Blood cancer information

Browse our information on a variety of blood cancers and disorders


Watch our recorded webinars

Factsheets & booklets

Download resources for a range of blood cancers

Last updated on May 13th, 2024

Developed by the Leukaemia Foundation in consultation with people living with a blood cancer, Leukaemia Foundation support staff, haematology nursing staff and/or Australian clinical haematologists. This content is provided for information purposes only and we urge you to always seek advice from a registered health care professional for diagnosis, treatment and answers to your medical questions, including the suitability of a particular therapy, service, product or treatment in your circumstances. The Leukaemia Foundation shall not bear any liability for any person relying on the materials contained on this website.