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Energy coach tool – managing cancer related fatigue

Register and join the Leukaemia Foundation’s blood cancer online support service for free to access the energy coach to help manage cancer related fatigue.

Why access the digital energy coach?

  • At least 6 in 10 people diagnosed with cancer report suffering from cancer related fatigue (CRF)
  • CRF is a side-effect that has an enormous impact on quality of life
  • managing CRF effectively can be life changing

Help manage your cancer related fatigue with the Energy Coach.

What is a digital energy coach?

The energy coach enables members

  • to record their daily energy levels each day over a week
  • to recognise what affects their energy levels over seven days
  • to see patterns, trends, and recommendations via evidence-based strategies

The Energy Coach is used to

  • identify energy levels
  • discover ways of managing fatigue
  • provide tailored strategies to help with fatigue

Patient tip:

I also love that the 3 selected tips/strategies are integrated back into the ‘My Dashboard’ section”

You will rate your:

  • sleep
  • diet
  • exercise
  • energy levels

and see how they all connect to your fatigue levels. We want to help you get back to doing the things you love.

Patient quote after using the energy coach:

Love the energy coach! As promised, I completed the 7-day review and I think it’s a fantastic resource, with useful insights and fatigue management tips”

The energy coach is a 7 day program to help you understand and manage your cancer related fatigue.

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Cancer related fatigue

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Last updated on April 11th, 2024

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