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From kidney stones to chemo

Wayne Douglas spent more than half a lifetime working with heavy rock and concrete in the civil construction industry. In 2018, Wayne joined the roughly 2,600 people diagnosed with myeloma in Australia each year.

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Treatment and transplant news

Once a blood cancer treatment is developed, it needs to be approved for sale in Australia and subsidised, or ‘listed’, otherwise the cost for the treatment can be unaffordable for many patients. The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) or Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) appraises a new treatment and provides advice to the Government on whether it should be publicly funded. This includes seeking consumer comments. Here’s a summary of recent new and recommended listings for blood cancer treatments. The Leukaemia Foundation provided advice and consumer comments to PBAC/MSAC in support of these therapies being available to patients.

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Blood cancer ride proves Perry’s toughest race

As Perry Judd slowly pedalled over the finishing line at the prestigious Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic in 2013, supposedly in the form of his life but somehow lagging far behind the competition, he knew something wasn’t right. Physically exhausted, Perry feared he had glandular fever, but a blood test revealed something much more dangerous. The then 37-year-old explained: “I had a call from the GP: ‘Please come and see me, we need to talk urgently. You need to come in right away’.

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Physiotherapist and lymphoma survivor Julie Allen on cancer related fatigue

Discover how physiotherapist Julie Allen tackles cancer fatigue and lymphoma, enhancing the quality of life and survival for blood cancer patients.

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Blood Cancer

In the ever-evolving landscape of blood cancer research, the quest to combat blood cancer continues to push boundaries. The New Directions in Leukaemia Research (NDLR) event in Adelaide last month brought together leading minds in the field to discuss breakthroughs, challenges, and the future of leukaemia treatment. From cutting-edge advancements in therapies to the promise of personalised medicine, the conference, sponsored by the Leukaemia Foundation, shed light on the latest discoveries and strategies shaping the fight against leukaemia.

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Theresa Webb: ‘I’ve always been a survivor’

Blood cancer casts a long shadow over many Australian families, but for Theresa Webb and her family, its shadow has been longer than most. Theresa was first diagnosed with blood cancer in 2002 after discovering a small hard lump near her collarbone. A biopsy revealed the then 30-year-old had a type of blood cancer called non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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Theresa with her daughters, Summer and Jessi, on the day of her stem cell transplant

Beauty and the Geek, and his Will

In 2022 Lachy joined the World’s Greatest Shave community, buzzing off his locks to raise funds and awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation’s work. But what started out as an act of support for people living with blood cancer turned into something far more personal.

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Noel’s gift in will is a tribute to his family

When it came to writing his Will, Noel chose to leave a lasting legacy to the Leukaemia Foundation. With the naming of The Hurd Family Unit, the Leukaemia Foundation is delighted to recognise Noel’s kind-hearted bequest.

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How Sophie Gray found new meaning through blood cancer

After having a routine blood test, Sophie's GP told her that there was something “a bit off” in her results. With a plan to have another blood test in a month, Sophie flew back to the UK to spend time with family and friends, not giving it much more thought.

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Sophie Gray AML in treatment

Best and brightest researchers taking on leukaemia

Two leading blood cancer researchers hope to change the future of blood cancer treatment.

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