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Welcome to your look back on the past 12 months – a glimpse into the lives of the many, many families facing blood cancer who you may not have met, but whose lives you’ve changed immensely.

Your kindness reached out to families touched by blood cancer right across the country, particularly when natural disasters and the threat of COVID-19 compounded the distress blood cancer can bring.

As you scroll through this report, I hope you feel incredibly proud of what you’ve been part of, what you’ve helped make a reality.

Thank you again for being there and for showing your support.

Dr Carrie Hillyard
Leukaemia Foundation


37 Leukaemia Foundation blood cancer support coordinators gave care to 8,459 people living with blood cance

837 rural and regional families stayed together during treatment thanks to 40,344 nights in self-contained accommodation

19,000 people accessed 24/7 help and information via a covid-19 online hub on Leukaemia Foundation website

Gavin with wife, Jen and daughter, Dusty
Gavin Hill and his family shortly after being told he was in remission

Giving families strength, support and down-to-earth help in the toughest of times

When days are dark for people living with blood cancer and the families and friends who love them, your generosity brings powerful support.

See how

Dr Liesl Butler
Dr Liesl Butler is helping to accelerate better treatments

Stopping blood cancer in its tracks: driving faster research answers and better treatments for longer and better lives

With your support, comes HOPE for the future. Hope that people can be diagnosed quicker. Hope that all Australians can gain ready access to the best possible treatment. Hope that people not only survive their blood cancer diagnosis but live well beyond it.

See how 

Woman with a shaved head stands outside in a large, leafy yard
Siobhan Hoy has faced blood cancer twice – and twice you were there for her

Empowering families to navigate blood cancer and make informed choices about treatment and care

Access to information people know they can trust is more than important, it’s vital. When it comes to conversations with treating doctors, making choices around care, and understanding how blood cancer will impact families, finances, lifestyle and mental health, getting the right answers is a must-have.

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COVID-19 outreach program connected our Leukaemia Foundation support staff with more than 3,600 families

1197 families had treatment worries eased thanks to 95 volunteer drivers completing more than 17,800 trips to and from hospital appointments

Leukaemia Foundation offered 223,919 in financial grants offered to 660 families

The year ahead

You, and so many other generous Aussies just like you, are giving families facing blood cancer the critical support they so need. Help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Thank you in advance as you continue shaping a better future for people living with blood cancer all around the country.

In 2020/21, your support will see important progress in mobilising change to ensure zero lives are lost to blood cancer by 2035. As the threat of COVID-19 refuses to ease, your ongoing support will be more important than ever to ensure all Aussies with blood cancer can safely continue their treatment and care.

The path to conquering blood cancer requires your vital support to ensure that all Australians have access to the right information; the latest treatments; and the best supportive care to help them not just to survive – but also to live well.

Thank you!



Last updated on February 18th, 2022

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