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John-Michael & Belinda: Gifts in wills support breakthrough research

Belinda & John-Michael want to be part of the next breakthrough

“It makes us so happy to think that we can help change outcomes for patients like John-Michael. The research the Leukaemia Foundation is supporting into blood cancer is really exciting.”

Since being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, John-Michael Barrie and his wife, Belinda, have a keen interest improving outcomes for people living with blood cancer.

For them, leaving a gift in their Will is the perfect way to be part of something bigger and make a positive difference in the fight against blood cancer.

John-Michael is now lymphoma-free and hopes that their gift can help change the blood cancer landscape for the next generation.

Research Priorities

Generous Australians have been supporting blood cancer research through the Leukaemia Foundation for more than 20 years, investing $47 million into research since 2002.

To change the future of blood cancer for the next generation, research programs are focused on investing in innovations that drive rapid advancements in treatments.

Through new diagnostics, novel therapies and more Australians accessing global clinical trials, positive progress is being made towards improving outcomes for people living with blood cancer.

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Last updated on December 4th, 2023

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