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Humphrey B. Bear

Humphrey is a honey-loving bear who lives in his Tree House in the Magic Forest. Humphrey B. Bear is one of Australia’s most beloved children’s icons. He first appeared on television in May 1965, and after almost 50 years on TV, Humphrey continues to inspire and entertain children and families at events nationwide.

Humphrey B. Bear and Craig Kocinski portrait
Humphrey B. Bear and Craig Kocinski have become National Ambassadors of the Leukaemia Foundation.

Craig Kocinski is one of the guardians of the Humphrey brand. Both of his parents are survivors of blood cancer.

For over five years, Craig’s mother underwent many chemotherapy treatments for blood cancer (systemic mastocytosis) before it evolved into aggressive systemic mastocytosis (ASM), a rare form of leukaemia, in 2015, within months of Craig’s father’s leukaemia diagnosis.

Weeks turned into months in the hospital for Craig’s mother, and the Leukaemia Foundation supported her by providing incredible support staff to visit and inspire her during treatment, and accommodation for Craig’s father next to the hospital so he could be there for her.

Craig had this to say about his family’s experience with the Leukaemia Foundation:

“The benefits of the Leukaemia Foundation are life-changing. Mom’s ASM usually has a poor life expectancy, but thanks to the Leukaemia Foundation and her doctor, Mom is still with us. The Foundation was there for us every step of the way. Humphrey was so moved by what the Foundation did for my parents that he couldn’t wait to help bring attention to what the Leukaemia Foundation does and why donations are vital.”

You can keep track of Humphrey’s antics here:

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