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She wanted to help make her Nanny well, as she doesn’t like her being sick and having to have chemotherapy.

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Blood Cancers

Every day, 35 people in Australia are diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related blood disorder. In this section, you can browse disease-specific information, with links to helpful information on treatments and useful resourses.

Bone Marrow and Blood Formation

Blood is vital in maintaining all aspects of life. Understanding how blood works, and what it does, helps us to understand what happens when things go wrong.

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Leukaemias are cancers that affect the blood and bone marrow. Leukaemia starts in the bone marrow where developing blood cells, usually white cells, undergo a malignant change. The cells multiply in an uncontrolled way and crowd the marrow, affecting the body's ability to make normal blood cells.

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Lymphomas are a type of blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system. Lymphomas occur when developing lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) undergo a malignant change and multiply in an uncontrolled way. Increasing numbers of abnormal lymphocytes, called lymphoma cells accumulate and form collections of cancer cells called tumours in lymph nodes (glands) and other parts of the body. Over time, lymphoma cells replace normal lymphocytes, weakening the immune system's ability to fight infection.

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Myeloma (also known as multiple myeloma) is a cancer of plasma cells (a type of white blood cell) that help fight infection.

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Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN)

Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) are a group of diseases where the bone marrow overproduces one or more types of blood cells (red, white or platelets).

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Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)

Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are a group of diseases that affect normal blood cell production in the bone marrow.

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Related blood disorders

Related blood disorders are rare and varied. All involve defective cells arising from the bone marrow.

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Treatment for a blood cancer or a related blood disorder depends on several factors, including the type of disease and a person’s general health.

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Blood cancer documents available for download

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Blood Cancer Support and Advice

Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer Support Coordinators are based at the following locations around Australia. For support and advice please call 1800 620 420 during business hours or fill in the form on our contact page and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Useful Websites

This page lists many websites relevant to people affected by leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.

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