Blood cancer attacked Zoie’s body her head and heart

You can save young people like Zoie from physical agony and emotional torment.

Your teenage years should be a carefree time. But not for Zoie. Just as she was about to start her final year of high school, she was diagnosed with blood cancer. Instead of having fun with her friends and graduating together, she was in hospital.

“I had terrible side effects. Fungal infections in my vital organs, my mouth was one big ulcer, my insides were on fire. But the emotional side was just as painful. I was missing school, so I got left behind my friends. I was so isolated and lonely.”

Please will you give a gift and save young people like Zoie from losing their hope, their friendships and their future to blood cancer?

No one can fight blood cancer if the head and the heart aren’t looked after. Zoie’s mind was racing with questions. What were her treatment options? How long did she have left? And loneliness made her heart ache.

It is so important for people with blood cancer to have someone to speak to, to lean on, to be there always. You can be that special someone, by giving a gift and providing them with a Blood Cancer Support Coordinator.

Thanks to you, people like Zoie could have the emotional support and practical help they need, so they can just focus on beating blood cancer. Which is exactly what Zoie has done.

“My blood cancer kept resisting treatment. Time was running out. My only option was a new treatment called CAR T-cell therapy. And it worked. Thanks to research, I’m alive today.”

Zoie has now made it through her ordeal, which shows that even the most aggressive cancer can be beaten – with the latest research and the right support.

Because it made such a difference to Zoie and her family, they wanted to help others benefit. So they took part in our fundraising event, World’s Gretest Shave.

But all you need to do to help beat blood cancer and stop it inflicting terrible suffering on young people like Zoie is this:

Last updated on August 11th, 2023

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