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What is the financial impact of cancer?

When someone is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness like leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, or a related blood disorder, it can have an immediate impact on the family. Most people know this, of course, and the emotional struggle that a lot of families go through following a diagnosis is incredibly difficult. But the finances – in general, the family’s way of life – can also be greatly impacted.

Even if it’s not the main breadwinner who has been affected, he or she may have to give up their work to act as a carer or to enable family to travel to a major city for treatment (remember, often treatment is only available in Brisbane or Townsville).

If you’re a patient, it’s incredibly important that you’re relieved of money worries so that you can focus on getting well – so how can you do that?

Our free financial counselling service can help provide peace of mind to patients and families. It’s a forum where you can discuss your financial questions or concerns with an experienced counsellor, all in a private and confidential environment.

Basically, the process is:

  • you’ll meet with one of our Support Services Coordinators to discuss any financial concerns you may have
  • if necessary, we’ll organise an interview with a financial counsellor
  • the counsellor will assess your financial position, then discuss various strategies with you. Some of these strategies could include debt amalgamation; home relocation; review of retirement options; or releasing cash from other assets.

We can also provide financial assistance in special circumstances, and we have a close relationship with Centrelink workers meaning we can act as advocates on your behalf and assist with the efficient processing of applications.

If you’ve been affected by a blood cancer or disorder and are worried about your finances, please talk to us by phoning 1800 620 420 where you’ll be directed to a Support Services Coordinator in Queensland.

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